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Introducing Label Studio Teams Edition

Today we are thrilled to announce the public beta of Heartex Label Studio Teams Edition! Label Studio Teams, a SaaS-based offering, extends the capabilities of our open source Label Studio Community offering.

Michael Malyuk
Michael Malyuk
September 17, 2021
6 min read
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Label Studio Community has quickly become the leading open source data labeling and annotation solution for Data Science teams across the world

Our customers work on a variety of projects thanks to native support for a variety of data types and use cases that can be extended using our simple configuration language. It installs in minutes (it can run on your laptop) and of course is open source and free to use!

While working with our wonderful community of customers we identified three key trends:

  • Data Science projects have become mission critical, with model performance directly linked to business outcomes.
  • Teams are growing rapidly and now include a more diverse set of team members and stakeholders.
  • Both project complexity and demand for additional projects are increasing, driving the need to become more efficient.

We created Label Studio Teams to address the challenges and opportunities created by these trends and to best support our customers as their Data Science practices evolve.

Label Studio Teams Overview

There are many great features being introduced in Label Studio Teams, too many in fact to cover in one article! The new features support two interrelated requirements of data science practitioners:

  • Both project complexity and demand for additional projects are increasing, driving the need to become more efficient.
  • Collaborative and secure data labeling

Label Studio Workspaces with Access Controls

Get organized and control access to your labeling projects with Label Studio Workspaces. Grouping related projects into Label Studio Workspaces simplifies access management and makes your labeling projects more secure.

Granting (or revoking) a Label Studio user’s access to a workspace automatically grants (or revokes) the user’s access to all projects in the workspace. Label Studio users can be members of multiple workspaces and only has access to projects in their workspaces.

Consensus Analysis

Label Studio’s Consensus Analysis is a fast and informative method to track annotator agreement (or disagreement) when multiple individuals are annotating the same samples. Quickly identify when disagreement occurs, resolve the underlying cause, and get the team back on track before mislabeled data makes its way into your training dataset.

Quality Review

Label Studio’s Quality Review Workflow enables subject matter experts (SMEs) and Data Scientists to review annotation results, correct mistakes, and provide feedback to annotators to teach them how to improve their labeling.

Annotator Queue Management

Don’t let your annotator’s queue go empty! With Label Studio Teams, you have the option to have samples automatically assigned to annotators or to manually assign specific samples to specific annotators.

Reports & Analytics

Label Studio Teams creates transparency into the data labeling process. Out-of-the-box reports and analytics help you stay on top of all your data labeling projects, quickly resolve bottlenecks, and ensure consistently high-quality labels. Get both at-a-glance insights into the overall project health and detailed metrics about individual annotator productivity, speed, and accuracy.

Power-up your data labeling team

Data labeling is a team sport. Data scientists, subject matter experts, engineers, operations, and annotators must work collaboratively to ensure quality results and an efficient process.

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