January 24, 2023

Audio Labeling Improvements

Audio Labeling Improvements

We've made some major improvements to Label Studio’s audio labeling functionality. Some of the specific changes include:

  • An advanced rendering engine that displays the audio waveforms while remaining performant, even with large, multi-hour audio files
  • Granular, up-to-the-millisecond controls for fine-grained annotation control
  • New, highly configurable UI that improves audio labeling efficiency and ergonomics

Along with these updated features and configurable UI, Label Studio Enterprise now leverages the new HTML <Audio> tag to provide full coverage for a broader range of audio labeling use cases, including:

  • Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Sound Event Detection
  • Multiple Speaker Segmentation
  • Overlapping Speech Detection
  • Signal Quality Detection
  • Dialogue Analysis
  • Intent Classification
  • Voice Activity Detection
  • And more

You can check out many of these use cases and interfaces in the Label Studio Template Gallery.