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The Power of Prediction Starts Here

Your goal as a Data Scientist is to teach machine learning models how to make accurate predictions. Our goal at Heartex is to develop the technology and tools you need to be the best teacher.

Enlightening raw data,
one label at a time

At Heartex, we believe every organization has raw data that can generate predictive insights to help delight customers, create amazing products, and build efficient, sustainable businesses. However, our experience as Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers at large, well-resourced technology companies has taught us that building the necessary systems and processes that transform raw data into predictive power is hard. Really hard. And unfortunately, most organizations don’t have the internal skills or resources to build these systems themselves.

The Heartex founding team came to this conclusion while summiting Stok Kangri in the Himalayas. Yes, we were talking about data science at 20,187 feet. We really love this stuff.

Whether enlightened by the beauty from atop the peak of Stok Kangri or simply oxygen-deprived, we agreed that a world-class, open source data labeling solution would benefit Data Scientists at organizations small and large. And that we were the team to do it.

Soon after our descent, Label Studio, our open source data labeling tool, was born.

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