Data Management

The project Data Manager page provides a large number of functions for task management and quality control. You can switch to Quick view mode to perform the task exploration faster.

Full View of Data Manager
Quick View of Data Manager
Enter to Label Stream and start the labeling corresponding to the task sampling order
Enter to Verify Stream to rate annotator completions
Import tasks
Export completions & results
Ground Truth Manager
Switch to Quick View / Full View mode using this buttons:
   in Quick mode you can move among tasks quickly,
   in Full mode you can see all the statistics and task statuses.
Clicking on the pencil button opens up the editor with the selected task, completions and ML predictions from all annotators. Use ctrl + click in Quick mode to open the editor in the new tab
Delete task from project

Label Stream

Tasks are shown by project sampling order in Label Stream mode. This mode is very similar to the annotator labeling work. Completion panel is hidden.

Verify Stream

Verify Stream can be used to flag correct and mistaken completions. You will be prompted to thumb up / thumb down all the project completions by random order. All flags could be found on the data manager page in Review column.

Import Tasks

You can import data through our API or by uploading the JSON/CSV/TSV/ZIP/RAR files. You can always import more data in Data Manager. All text/hypertext resources can be included in tasks directly, they will be hosted on our servers, and advanced hosting is not necessary. For images, audio, time-series, video and other BLOBs you need to use external hosting with https/https links or S3 storage.

Read more about Import format.

In «Add more data» dialog you can download sample files for import or add sample task in one click

Don’t forget about CORS settings when importing tasks. It must be allowed on external hosting and properly configured. Otherwise task data sources won’t be loaded.

Export Completions

So you have been working hard labeling your data and have accumulated a respectable amount. How do you get the data out of the application and onto your computer? The platform provides an export function for this.

The export results are in JSON format. It could be used for Import in Heartex Projects again because of import & export formats are the same (just enable «Include full task descriptions» option). We also support the export at API level.


Ground Truth Completions

Ground Truth (GT) completions are special items which can be used for:

You can make GTs with several ways:

Ground Truth Manager

Ground Truth (GT) Manager is a fast way to mark multiple completions as GTs.
Press the green button with star on the data manager page.

The first step is to set the completion filter. The second step is to set the percent of fraction which will be marked as GTs. Also you are able to reset all GT completions to regular completions here.


Filters implement a classical way to find tasks you are looking for. Combinations of filters are working in intersection mode, e.g.: you can find all completions containing class name Cat completed by annotator

The result counters show actual for current page statistics and it will be updated after page reloading in the right mini “Found” panel near “Filters” button. All the icons have tooltips with names.