[v1.3.1] 8 January 2021

Add common tasks counter in inter-annotator agreement matrix

Besides the agreement score, it’s common to check the number of tasks processed by the same annotators.
Now it’s possible to inspect these numbers within agreement matrix plot on project annotators page:

Synced playback for dialogues

When dealing with dialogues where textual phrases are presented along with audios, you can click on a specific phrase play/pause button, and audio playback position moves accordingly.

The following could be done with showPlayer="true" option in a project label config like:

  <ParagraphLabels name="ner" toName="text">
    <Label value="Important Stuff"></Label>
    <Label value="Random talk"></Label>
  <Paragraphs audioUrl="$audio" showPlayer="true" name="text" value="$dialogue" layout="dialogue" savetextresult="yes" />

Fixed issues