[v1.3.2] 17 February 2021

Stable lead time

Lead time computations are no longer sensitive to outliers. If someone forgets to complete and submit an annotation session for years, that doesn’t affect the overall lead time measurement for annotations.

Export only ground truth annotations

In some cases you might want to export only carefully-reviewed ground truth annotations so that you can import them for your next annotation project. To do this, you can now choose Export only ground truths when exporting annotations.

Enhanced workflow for Audio Transcriptions

Several improvements have been made for audio transcriptions.

Text editor

Add the transcription="true" parameter to the <TextArea> tag to provide a more helpful text editing area, letting you quickly navigate and correct annotation errors/misspellings in a transcript.


Added new hotkeys to enhance the annotation workflow with audio samples:

Resizable audio panel

You can resize the height of the audio panel by setting the height="50" attribute in the <Audio> tag.

Scaling Time Series

Added a new fixedScale attribute to the <TimeSeries> tag. By default, the attribute is "false". This attribute controls the y-axis scale for displaying TimeSeries data:

You can change this attribute both globally for TimeSeries and locally on a Channel tag.

Fixed issues