User Managment

Enterprise-ready unified AI platform for data of all types. All while meeting the security, compliance and deployment requirements of today’s enterprises.

Users management

Different roles for different users

Connect your systems using the Heartex SDK and APIs to do anything from stream real-time data to attaching ML models for active learning and more.


Has full control of users, projects and datasets. Can configure organization level settings


Creates new projects and setups the process. Monitors the performance


Can label and verify the results, requeue incorrectly labeled tasks


Performs the labeling tasks. Annotators get access only to the labeling interface


Enable collaboration on AI projects with coworkers working across different departments in a platform that is centrally managed.

Activity Log

Centralized stream of all user activity within an organization. Provides full transparency into the process and its results. Using Activity log you can play back any account activity during an incident review.