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Label Studio Enterprise

Label Studio Enterprise enables you to build ground truth datasets
with the focus on quality, security and team collaboration.

Customize Label Studio’s interface with ease.

Design your own interface with our easy to use HTML-like tags. Customize your interface based on your use case, data types, or labeling process.

Love the interface you created? Save the configuration as a template that can be used on any project.

Configure Label Studio to follow your labeling process and rules

From task sampling rules and matching functions to defining whether annotator’s can submit empty annotations or edit their history - you control how Label Studio works for you and your annotation team.

Users, roles, & access management

Label Studio is a powerful collaborative data labeling solution for your entire team. However, not everyone on your team needs (or should have) access to all of that power.

Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) ensure your team members have the access they need to do their job and nothing more.

  • Label Studio includes predefined roles, such as Administrator, Manager, and Annotator (among others), configured to provide users with access to the right set of features for their job function.
  • Leverage our SSO integration to centralize access management and to keep your IT and security teams happy!

Get organized with workspaces & projects

Label Studio Workspaces makes it easy to organize projects and manage your teams.

Create teams of annotators, data scientists, domain experts, and managers that work together on collaborative labeling projects.

Try the swiss army knife of data labeling platforms

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Collaborative data labeling

Label Studio delivers a host of capabilities to setup, manage, execute, and monitor your collaborative data labeling projects.

Label queue management

You can define rules and criteria for automatic assignment or manually assign tasks to annotators.

Labeling stream

Annotators access and complete their labeling tasks in the Labeling Stream.

Data management

Managers, domain experts, and data scientists use Label Studio Data Manager to monitor, review, and verify annotations.

Quality analytics & reporting

Ensuring label accuracy prior to model training isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially at scale.

Label Studio provides the metrics and reports you need to monitor label quality for an entire project, diagnose problematic samples, and to take corrective action.

  • Consensus & annotator agreement,
    Metrics and reports for monitoring annotator agreement and resolving labeling inconsistencies leading to consensus.


Connect your favourite data sources in two clicks.

No technical support needed.

Cloud Storage

Label Studio integrates directly with your cloud storage to automatically create and assign new labeling tasks when new samples are added to your cloud storage.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 Storage
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

ML Model

Integrate your machine learning backend with Label Studio to:

  • Pre-label samples based on model predictions to expedite and simplify manual labeling
  • Autolabel samples based on model predictions
  • Continuously feed your model new labels for online learning
  • Perform active learning by creating labeling tasks as requested by your model

Import / Export Formats

Label Studio can both import labeling tasks from your machine learning model and export label rests from Label Studio to your machine learning model. Label Studio Import and Export support the following formats: COCO, Pascal VOC, CoNLL, CSV/TSV, and JSON_MIN.


The Label Studio interface leverages a set of REST APIs to populate the screens and execute various functionality. These same REST APIs are available for you to integrate into your own applications and workflows.


Data security is one of your top priorities. We get that. That’s why we designed Label Studio to work with your data stored on your servers or cloud storage. We only store the URLs to your data and load the details directly from your storage into the Label Studio interface.

Learn more about Security
  • Your data stays on your servers
    Label Studio integrates with all popular cloud storage providers and fetches data through a URL directly from the browser, bypassing Heartex servers.
  • Audit Log
    Label Studio automatically maintains an audit log that tracks every action taken in Label Studio and the associated user.
  • SSO and LDAP
    Integrate Label Studio with your Single Sign-on provider to centralize Label Studio access management and comply with corporate security policies.
  • SOC2 certified
    Demonstrating gold standard for security, availability, and confidentiality.

Power-up your data labeling team

Data labeling is a team sport. Data scientists, subject matter experts, engineers, operations, and annotators must work collaboratively to ensure quality results and an efficient process.

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