Building Your Annotation Team for the Data Design Lifecycle

March 29, 2023 | 12PM Eastern/9AM Pacific

In this webinar, Aaron Schliem, Sr. Solutions Architect at Welocalize, will talk us through the data design lifecycle - from defining the problem you’re trying to solve with data to building your data pipeline - and how to build out your annotation team within that context.

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Increase in capacity
to take on projects
Annotators complete
2-4x more per day
Reduction in the amount of data discarded
Labeling tasks the software could perform increased 3x

You’ll be able to tap into Aaron’s deep experience building data pipelines for numerous major tech companies as he shares tips, challenges, and solutions to help you get more from your data collection efforts.

You'll Learn:

How to think about the data design lifecycle - including best practices at every stage of the process

How to build your annotation team to get more quality data out of your data pipeline

Some of the pitfalls to watch out for as you’re building and iterating on your data collection process

And more!


Aaron Schliem
Sr. Solutions Architect (AI), Welocalize

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